Automatic intelligent recognition

Airport control area traffic management system based on RFID card and face recognition

  An airport control area refers to an area where personnel and vehicles are restricted from entering the airport based on security needs; a control area pass refers to a valid certificate for personnel and vehicles to enter and exit the airport control area.

   For airports with a huge flow of people, airport security and information security are issues that cannot be ignored. The management of the control area pass is the management of the access rights of the personnel inside the airport. SKOD’s electronic airport control area pass management system can standardize the process of handling the airport control area pass, making the airport’s security management work faster and more efficient, realizing online application, multi-level review, assignment of permissions, certificate authorization, and certificates Comprehensive specifications for verification and certificate management.

  1.Document identification: RFID control area pass

  Realize a series of full life cycle management for pass certificate authority approval, information entry, certificate preparation, loss reporting, modification, and cancellation. Electronic management starts from the application of the pass, application submission, background multi-level review, pass authority assignment, pass production and authorization, pass issuance, document status (loss report, cancellation, multiple passes) and other real-time inquiries.

   When the holder passes through the entrance of the control area, the Skod ID verification machine M801 or barrier-free passage can read the pass information and verify whether it is authentic and valid and has the access authority. After the verification is successful, the face capture and comparison will be started. If the verification fails, the voice + light alarm will be triggered. The whole process does not exceed 1 second.

  2.Face recognition: face comparison

  The entire process of face recognition consists of a series of links including face judgment, face tracking, face capture, face comparison and comparison result feedback.

  The Skode face verification system perfectly solves the problems of strong light, weak light, backlighting, and motion blur through rigorous algorithm control technology, and can then instantaneously capture high-quality faces in various environments to achieve high-precision comparisons. right. Similarly, the entire comparison calculation process is completed in the local server, without passing through the external network, without incurring face comparison costs, and the capacity of the face comparison library is not limited, and the closed-loop management of the self-built face library is truly realized. It is suitable for applications of various scales, and can be used as an interactive interface with any business system.

  3.Access control: gate channel

  There are two forms for the traffic management of the control area, one is the stop-and-go style, and the other is the fast-passing style. Correspondingly, there are different hardware configurations.

  (1)Stop position

  Personal identification verification machine M801 (floor-mounted design, front and rear dual screens display the comparison results. It can read ID card, RFID pass, barcode information, capture photos on site for face comparison, fingerprint comparison, and display the results on the screen for Check by passers and security personnel.)

  Turnstiles (After the verification of the personal identification machine is successful, the turnstiles are automatically opened, and personnel can pass. Most of the turnstiles on the market can be matched and used, and various forms of wing, swing, parallel, and three-roller gates are available. )

  (2)Fast pass

  Barrier-free passage (when a person passes through with a certificate, the passage can sense the certificate information and verify whether it is true and valid, and the passage authority, no need to approach the card or stay, just walk normally)

   Face recognition terminal M802 (Single camera is M802, dual camera is M803. Capture clear photos while walking, and compare them with ID photos. After the comparison is successful, the gate will automatically turn on and the results will be displayed on the front and rear dual screens. , For pass personnel and security personnel to view. If the comparison fails, voice + light alarm will occur.)

   gate channel (most gates on the market can be matched and used, wing gates, swing gates, parallel gates, three-roll gates in various forms and appearances.)