Face recognition management

Application Cases of Face Recognition and Identity Verification Technology in Pension

  Industry needs:

Because the traditional supervision mechanism needs to be improved, many people who do not participate in the insurance will use the social security cards of other members of the family to ask questions, which brings many other problems to the Social Security Bureau and other units, which makes management more difficult, and there will be omissions, dislocations, and inability of information. Timely update and other issues have led to various problems, social security management is chaotic, which affects the personal social security card, and also brings great difficulties to related workers.

Based on the above phenomena, Fei Ruisi Technology uses advanced face recognition technology to accurately determine the identity of the insured, prevent false claims and prevent the loss of pensions.

System Overview:

Through a set of intelligent identity authentication management system, the identity information of the insured person is verified, so that the medical point and the insured person’s identity can be effectively combined to help the Social Security Bureau realize the comprehensive identity information management of the medical point and the insured person. A safe, time-saving, high-efficiency, and high-quality intelligent identity authentication system that facilitates medical treatment for the insured.

The face recognition endowment insurance identity verification system is based on face recognition technology as the core, and based on custom database technology, it realizes the endowment insurance identity verification system with functions such as face collection, face recognition, face template management, and user management.

System architecture diagram



The management center of the Social Security Bureau shall register the back-end identity information of all participating social security personnel, and the data will be backed up in the database of the back-end registration management center.

Each medical point is equipped with one or more face recognition terminals. When a person wants to see a doctor, first enter the ID, and then perform face authentication or direct verification.

The synchronization template is transmitted through the network or optical fiber, and the corresponding data is obtained by connecting with the back-end management center database, and the corresponding identity verification records are performed. The data recorded in the front-end will be transmitted back to the back-end for backup storage in real time.

Remote verification, remote management, cross-time, cross-regional, can realize the identity verification of insured persons through broadband, 3G and other different network forms, with good timeliness.

Business flowchart

Application: Social Security Medical Family Planning System