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Platform scale intelligent unattended weighing system technical solution

  1. What is an unattended intelligent weighing system?

  The unattended intelligent weighing system makes the original rough and complicated weighing management work very efficient, simple and convenient, and completely eliminates all kinds of weighing cheating. The system has been seamlessly integrated with the coal transportation and sales management system and the ERP enterprise management software system. It can not only complete the weighing and anti-cheating function of material receiving and dispatching, but also realize the production, contract management, port management, freight settlement, and financial statistics. , Invoicing, inventory, assets, equipment, testing, etc. The integrated management, this system to improve management level, prevent weighing cheating, plug management loopholes, reduce consumption, effectively control costs, standardize production order, improve work efficiency, and improve economic benefits , Played a very positive role.

  (一)The role of unattended intelligent weighing system

   In the whole process of weighing, automatic and reliable measurement data collection, automatic discrimination, automatic command, automatic processing, and automatic control are achieved, which minimizes the drawbacks and work intensity caused by manual operation, and improves the informatization and automation of the system. degree.

   1. For the management department, you can understand the current production and logistics status through the summary report in the system;

   2. For the financial settlement department, you can get clear and accurate settlement statements;

   3. For the warehouse management department, you can learn about your own receipt and delivery of goods.

   These report data can be consulted at any time, so it also strengthens the consistency of management, shortens the response time of decision makers to production, improves management efficiency, reduces operating costs, and promotes enterprise information management.

  (二)Unattended intelligent weighing system function

  According to different customer requirements and actual measurement conditions, tailor-made for customers, and develop an unmanned truck scale intelligent weighing system that meets the customer's actual conditions and requirements according to the customer's specific work process.

  (1) Weighing data acquisition module:

   The unattended intelligent weighing system adopts an open interface protocol design to meet various domestic and foreign truck scale instruments used in domestic factories, mines, customs and ports.

  (2) Realize two-way over-balance intelligent weighing:

   This system meets the requirements of two-way over-balance weighing of truck scales, and can realize unattended intelligent weighing in both directions.

  (3) Long-distance Bluetooth automatic identification subsystem-electronic license plate anti-cheating module

   The recognition distance of the electronic license plate is more than 15 meters, which can automatically recognize the license plate number, model, vehicle owner, transportation unit and other information of the over-balanced vehicle, and judge the legality of the over-balance. If it is an authorized legal vehicle, it will be weighed smoothly. If it is an illegal vehicle, overweight weighing is not allowed.

  (4) Anti-tare cheating module:

  CASTLE unattended intelligent weighing system adopts intelligent anti-tare cheating methods for the measurement of material supply and finished product sales, and intelligent judgment of vehicle tare weight, effectively preventing the possibility of cheating in the tare link.

  (5) Anti-cheating module for real-time capture of images from the front, compartment and rear of the car

  The system integrates the image with the weighing software, and the image is embedded in the software interface. It can capture three real-time pictures of the front, rear, and compartment of the weighing vehicle when the vehicle is weighed (tare). The software is used for the second weighing. The instant picture of the previous weighing is displayed in the interface.

   (6) Automatic voice report module:

   The unattended intelligent weighing system has a unique voice weight reporting function, which will broadcast the weight through the voice system after the measurement is completed. After the measurement is completed, the system will automatically announce the weight: "The weight is 8.66 tons", and then broadcast: "The gross weight (or tare) has been weighed, please leave the weighing platform, goodbye."

  (7) Intelligent block car control system-automatic barrier module

  (A) Realize the standardized management of weighing of over-balanced vehicles and the entry and exit control of non-over-balanced vehicles.

  (B) The two truck scales and the import and export are respectively equipped with blocking equipment: automatic barriers, blocking rails, anti-smashing coils, vehicle detectors, intelligent switching control units and intelligent controllers.

  (C) The intelligent switching control unit can implement three control modes of microcomputer control, manual control and remote control for barriers and railings.

  (D) When the legally overbalanced vehicle is weighed according to the procedure, the barrier of the vehicle is automatically raised and released.

(e) The smart car blocking system has the anti-smashing function. When the vehicle does not leave the railing, the system will automatically detect that there is a vehicle under the railing through the ground induction coil and the vehicle detector, and the system will automatically send the railing open signal to keep the railing When the vehicle is turned on, the railing will automatically fall down after the vehicle leaves.

  (8) Infrared anti-cheat module:

  If the vehicle is in a cheating state: when the vehicle is not fully loaded, the wheels are rolling on both sides of the scale, there are other counterweights, etc., the system will refuse to weigh and give a voice warning. Such as the following situation:

  (9) Multi-type, personalized report

   The weighing software can query data according to different conditions. Such as: query by vehicle number, query by shift, query by shipping unit, query by time, etc., and can query by combination of conditions. The system can print various reports (multiple report formats) such as daily reports and monthly reports, and can also print according to the query results, and can make personalized reports according to customer requirements.

  (10) Multiple truck scales networked weighing

  This system can realize networked weighing of multiple truck scales. The same vehicle can be tare and gross weight on different truck scales. Each weighing data is updated in real time, which effectively improves the utilization rate of truck scales. The system can automatically generate EXCEL reports from the measurement data according to the needs, and automatically transmit them to the computer of the designated department via the network.

  二,Loadometer unattended weighing management system

   For a long time, electronic weighing instruments have been widely used in the bulk material industry. However, these electronic measurement equipment have been stuck at the level of auxiliary manual measurement, manual reading, and re-summarization by special personnel, which seriously lags behind the overall information management process of the enterprise.

   Under manual recording and measurement, how to effectively monitor the entire measurement process, prevent fraud, and improve application and management efficiency has become an issue of great concern to corporate leaders. Some companies frequently replace weighing officers, setting up weighing supervisors, and The installation of electronic monitoring equipment and other methods to monitor the measurement process, but can not fundamentally eliminate fraud. The functional requirements of unattended weighing software weighing room management include automatic reading, video monitoring, data monitoring, infrared monitoring, credit card management, language command management, signal control management, special processing, and real-time query functions.

   1. Business process description of unattended weighing software for platform scale

   1. The company's guard office deploys a computer to be responsible for the issuance and recovery of IC cards. The client can register basic vehicle information. Before non-fixed vehicles enter the factory, they need to register basic vehicle information, such as: supplier, driver, Drivers, product names, and other information, and then the staff at the bridgehead will issue RFID cards (electronic tags) that can enter the factory to the vehicle drivers, and the drivers can weigh in only after receiving the cards.

  2. Before the vehicle arrives on the weighbridge, the vehicle must be weighed on the scale according to the traffic light signal in the order of priority.

  (1) When the local scale has not been sorted, there are red lights on the sides of the vehicle. When the vehicle is swiped and verified successfully, the green light at the entrance will be on, the voice prompts "Please load the scale successfully", and the vehicle information corresponding to the IC card is displayed On the interface.

  (2) After the vehicle is weighed, the front and rear lights are red.

  (3) When the vehicle weighs on and stabilizes, the weight data is automatically saved, and the voice prompts ‘how many tons is this weight, please weigh down’, and the exit is a green light.

  (4) After the vehicle is weighed down, the front and rear lights are red, and the weighing is completed.

   3. After the incoming vehicles are unloaded according to the prompts, they need to go to the light weight to carry out the peeling operation.

  When peeling back, the system will automatically determine whether the vehicle is too heavy, whether it has been unloaded or not. If the vehicle does not complete the corresponding procedures as scheduled, the system prompts that the vehicle cannot be peeled back. If the vehicles have completed the corresponding procedures, the system automatically saves the vehicle. The tare weight information is used to generate a complete weighing list. The weighing list can be automatically printed in the light weight room, and the driver will take a copy of the weighing list.

  4. After the vehicle has been weighed, the driver will deliver the RFID card (electronic tag) to the relevant staff in the guard room to leave the factory (or the driver may carry it by himself).

  5, unattended platform scale unattended weighing software unattended solution

  1. The unattended weighing room management system mainly refers to the measurement and weighing carried out by enterprises in the process of raw material procurement, product sales and in-plant material allocation. It can be used with RFID (non-contact radio frequency equipment) card swiping systems, video monitoring systems, and infrared monitoring systems. The language command system, LED display system, short message issuing system, and signal control system realize an unattended management system. This system can automatically collect gross weight, tare weight information, vehicle weighing pictures, automatic net weight statistics, automatic printing, real-time monitoring of data and pictures through LAN and Internet connection, and the query of the scale can be associated with image information. Company leaders can inquire weighing data on any machine to strengthen the company's internal management level.

  6. Intelligent control system

  Can realize unattended. This software cooperates with non-contact sensor card swiping technology to realize unattended operation. When the car is parked on the weighing platform, the software automatically collects vehicle information through the card swiping device. After the software judges that the weighing data is stable, it can capture the photos and save the gross weight or tare at the same time. Use a camera to take a picture of the driver when he swipes his card, then print the receipt, let the vehicle pass, and then start the next vehicle. When a car comes to the tare for the second time, the software automatically calls up and collects the vehicle information. After the software determines that the vehicle is stable, it starts to capture the tare photos and saves the weight at the same time, and then combines the data with the first gross weight Record, calculate the net weight, and then print the receipt. In this way, the gross weight, tare weight, net weight data of the vehicle and the photos when the gross weight and tare weight are saved are saved in the computer, as well as the driver's card number, which corresponds to the vehicle number one by one. If the vehicle number and the card number on the photo are found to be inconsistent , And the driver’s photo is inconsistent, the driver is suspected of cheating, so the general driver dare not change the vehicle to ensure that the weighing of the gross weight and the weighing of the tare are the same vehicle.